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4th Edition of

Singapore Nursing Research Conference

March 21-23, 2024 | Singapore

Nursing 2023

Selvia Arokiya Mary Amalanathan

Speaker at Singapore Nursing Research Conference 2023 - Selvia Arokiya Mary Amalanathan
Bisha University, India

Title: Mental health prediction using machine learning: Pain and stress detection using wearable sensors and devices


Pain is a subjective feeling; it is a sensation that every human being must have experienced all their life. Yet, its mechanism and the way to immune to it is still a question to be answered. This re-view presents the mechanism and correlation of pain and stress, their assessment and detection approach with medical devices and wearable sensors. Various physiological signals (i.e.,heart activity, brain activity, muscle activity, electrodermal activity, respiratory, blood volume pulse, skin tempera- ture) and behavioral signals are organized for wearables sensors detection. By reviewing the wearable sensors used in the healthcare domain, we hope to find a way for wearable healthcare-monitoring system to be applied on pain and stress detection. Since pain leads to multiple consequences or symptoms such as muscle tension and depression that are stress related, there is a chance to find a new approach for chronic pain detection using daily life sensors or devices. Then by integrating modern computing techniques, there is a chance to handle pain and stress management issue.

Mental health, machine learning, pain detection, stress detection, wearable sensor, physiological signals, behavioral signals.


Dr Selvia Arokiya Mary Amalanathan is affiliated with Bisha University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. She has been undertaking research for 15 years and is guiding research scholars as well. Her stint in academia spans close to two decades. Her research areas comprise Research, Leadership, Administration, Education, medical nursing, alternative medicine, hospice care, technology, and innovations. She has 25 publications to her credit.

She possesses good organizational, leadership and planning capabilities as demonstrated by 14 years as an organizer. She is a pragmatic person with global technology-focus and strives to satisfy academic teaching and learner needs. She has specialized in Oncology, Cardiac and Critical Care Nursing. She has organised several workshops on Continuing Nursing Education and is efficient in development of curriculum and Rubric for evaluation.

She was recently bestowed with the best academician award by Saveetha University College of management. Her other accolades comprise Best researcher award from ESN; Best speaker award by International Scientific Health Care Professional forum and Scientific Nursing Meet; Excellent academician; Best speaker on breast cancer awareness by Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India. She was also awarded the Gold Medal for the Best Outgoing Student at the Masters level by Saveetha University, Chennai, India.