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March 21-23, 2024 | Singapore

Nursing 2023

Ying Wu

Speaker at Singapore Nursing Research Conference 2023 - Ying Wu
Central South University, China
Title: Monitoring customized pressure sleeves based on MFF pressure testing system for the treatment of hypertrophic scars


Pressure therapy has been one of the mainstay of hypertrophic scar treatment. Maintaining effective pressure dosage generated by the pressure garment to scar is regarded as an important factor to the effectiveness of pressure therapy. This study aimed to explore the clinical effect and experience of monitoring customized pressure sleeves based on MFF pressure testing system for the treatment of hypertrophic scars.

Ten patients with hypertrophic scars were recruited for the study. All the subjects were treated with pressure therapy programme using customized pressure sleeves for 6-9 months. The pressure sleeves were replaced regularly throughout the intervention, and the interface pressure was monitored with the MFF pressure test system to ensure the pressure dosage of 10–40mmHg (at rest). Patients’ comfortability and satisfaction were also taken into account. The Vancouver Scar Scale (VSS) was used to evaluate pigmentation, vascularity, pliability, and height of the scars. Subjects’ report of pain and itch was documented. Assessments were conducted before the first treatment and after the last treatment. All subjects were informed of the 23-h daily wearing regime and techniques of pressure sleeve wearing, cleaning and maintenance.

The patients with hypertrophic scar demonstrated significant improvements in scar pigmentation, vascularity, pliability, height, pain and itch after 6 to 9 months of treatment. Some side-effects of pressure therapy such as blistering, ulceration, limb swelling, paresthesia, etc. did not occur in our included studies.

Regular monitoring and adjustment during the pressure therapy of hypertrophic scars for pressure dosage generated by pressure sleeve is vital to achieve best treatment outcomes. Early application of pressure therapy may contribute to better outcomes.

Audience Take Away:

  • The application of MFF pressure testing system facilitated the standardization of the pressure dosage to hypertrophic scar of the patients. This helped to maintain an optimal pressure range during the treatment and ensure the treatment effect of pressure sleeve.
  • Regular monitoring and adjustment for pressure dosage generated by pressure sleeve is important to achieve better treatment outcomes.
  • Pressure therapy (10–40mmHg) could improve clinical effects including decreasing VSS score, pain and itch.


Ying Wu, master supervisor, is a Professor and Head Nurse at Department of Burns at Xiangya Hospital, Central South University. She is mainly engaged in burn care and nursing management research, and serves as a reviewer for Clinical Nursing Research (USA) and Journal of Wound Care (UK). In 2014, she participated in clinical management training at Johns Hopkins Hospital in the US. She has published more than 30 research articles in academic journals and supervised or participated in several national and provincial natural science projects.