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5th Edition of

Singapore Nursing Research Conference

March 24-26, 2025 | Singapore

Nursing 2023

Malliga Jambulingam

Malliga Jambulingam, Speaker at Nursing Conferences
Malliga Jambulingam
Morgan State University, United States


Dr. Jambulingam has an extensive experience in the field of maternal child health. She received her PhD (Nursing) degree in 2014 at the University of Texas Medical Branch, Texas, USA. Her research interest concepts are Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, student success, and leadership. As a health promotion aspect, she performed a research in the U. S. on infant massage as it has benefits for mothers and infants. She has expanded her research on “International NICU Nurses’ Attitudes Regarding Preterm Infant Massage” at the Council of International NICU Nurses Conference, Vancouver, Canada. As a continuation of study, she has performed a study on “Mothers’ Perceptions Regarding Preterm Infant Massage” in Baltimore, MD, USA.